Pinterest Actually Sucks

Friday, August 9, 2013

I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest.  I enjoy staring at the pretty pictures, flowers, weddings, know all that shit people pin.  But when it comes to actual real life, I hate Pinterest.

Take this room for example...who the hell lives here?!  Who decorated that tree?  This is the work of a average lady has a house that looks like this.  Especially not someone in their 20's, I'll tell ya that!  My house is mostly comprised of craigslist, yard sale or free furniture.  Nothing matches, everything is used, nothing was expensive.  I gotta save my money for the important booze and clothes.

And this bedroom...this must be from a magazine.  If people really live like this will you guys let me know?  I want to become friends with whoever they are.

Or these nails.  This is impossible to do to yourself...and if I had a friend who could do this for me, that should be their damn fulltime job.  My nails chip in like 4 hours, so this would be a total waste of time and energy for me.  Most of the time it looks like a 6 year old painted my right hand, so I don't have too much hope for successfully completing this look.

Now look at these bananas.  They look so yummy, right?  And probably pretty easy to make?  Wrong.  I tried this.  Let me tell you that was one of the messiest, grossest things I have ever done.  I was covered in chocolate, they do NOT come out looking like that...and they tasted like shit.  Who the hell made these...Rachel Ray?  I have no patience for shit like this....if I want some dessert I will just go buy it already made.

Can any of you do this to my hair?  Or actually...just teach me how to just blow dry my own damn hair.  I am completely incapable of doing my own is a serious problem.  Most days it is thrown on the top of my head because let's be honest...I really don't care too much.  So are there people out there that could accomplish the bun shown above?  If so, get a damn tutorial up stat.

Look at this braid!  It's like...all falling through itself and  TEACH ME!

Pinterest also makes me want to take a vacation every freaking time I open the site.  There are pins of every gorgeous beach on this planet and they are all just staring me in the face, mocking me and my small bank account.  It hurts, Pinterest.

It also mocks me with weight loss schemes. are telling me that girl made THAT much of a change in 5 weeks?  No!  Stop lying to me and making me feel fat, Pinterest.  I don't believe it and I never will.

Another problem that I have with Pinterest is that it constantly leaves me wanting new clothes.  Which is a problem due to my bank account.  Every single pin is full of $400 boots, $1,000 jackets and $2,500 purses.  Because real people can afford that stuff, obviously.

I have really just stopped using Pinterest all together.  I was doing some wedding-related pinning, but now that I have no wedding to plan I am over the site and don't care who knows it.

To calm me down from my Pinterest rant - I'll #BackThatAzzUp with Whit!

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  1. this makes me smile because you are so right with all of these...except the waterfall braid. I can't do a thing with my hair other than let it air dry or put it in a pony. This braid thing though is pretty easy, you should try :)

  2. Ha! I totally relate. I'm in my 30's and I have kids, so that means no nice furniture or anything really. What the hell is the point? They're going to ruin it anyway. ;)

  3. I LOVE this post. I mean, I like pinterest...but seriously...IS ANY OF THIS STUFF REAL!?!

  4. SO TRUE. My goal, after my move at the end of the month, is to put photos of my space on my blog and have it look like a pinterest room. This is will never happen, but it's my goal.
    But actually, the waterfall braid is super easy. has a tutorial on it, and trust me, if I can do it, you can too.

  5. Hahaha. All so true. True story: I interned for a lifestyle magazine in college and they would photograph "real" homes like the ones you pinned... they would do hours and HOURS of styling first. Placing magazines just so and arranging knick-knacks to look perfectly spaced out... it made me feel better because nobody's house just looks like that

  6. this is AMAZING. and so true. just tweeted it because I'm in love with this post. plus it made me LOL

  7. I love Pinterest mostly for the inspiration I get from it. Sure I can't have all the expensive stuff - but I can find things similar!

  8. oh i am with you on the love hate relationship with pinterest! and love your song choice!!! i like the zedd remix best :)

  9. Seriously. Bless this post. I am OCD as well, so the only reason I want to pin things is so I can do it, and delete it! Is that weird? I also feel really lowly about myself because I tend to compare myself to others when I'm on Pinterest. bleh