Why wouldn't I admit that The Hills was fake?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I have a confession to make, my TV recording thing is completely full with every episode of Laguna Beach and The Hills.  There you have it...judge me if you must.

Back when the shows were still on air, I was absolutely certain really hoping that they were 100% real.  But when I rewatch them now, I am embarrassed that I ever fought for it's legitimacy.  Still thoroughly entertained, but embarrassed all the same.  Let's take a look at the things that really helped to make this reality show a phony..

Their Jobs

Heidi dropped out of college and worked for a top LA entertainment group, sbe.  She then was promoted quite rapidly and became an event manager, got the chance to develop a hotel in Vegas...like seriously?  No.  That just wouldn't happen.

Then we have Audrina working at Sony/Epic.  Also...NO.  That requires a college degree and maybe some industry experience.  Stop going to 'hang out' at band recording sessions and concerts.  Just stop it.

Lauren...my favorite, beloved Lauren.  Supposedly she never even went to FIDM and just filmed scenes there...and then worked at Teen Vogue and People's Revolution throughout the course of the show.  Biggest mistake, choosing Jason over Paris.  WHO DOES THAT?  Alcoholic boyfriend or the City of Light?  At least our little Lauren is a big successful author (what?) and designer now!

The Apartments, Cars...basically all their shit

Yea, I know..they were from Laguna Beach and all that, but where were they getting the money for their stuff? Besides from MTV paying for it all  I mean look at Spencer...what does he do for a job?!  He drives some fancy schmancy BMW but never goes to work, just takes Heidi to Don Antonio's and the clubbbbb all the time. 

They also have money to just blow on summer homes at the beach.  Wait, isn't Los Angeles near the beach?  I didn't realize you had to go rent a house 40 minutes away for the entire summer..

Then Lauren, Audrina and Lo move into this freaking mansion...did MTV who paid for that?

Lauren is friends with everyone's siblings..

If Lauren hated Heidi and Spencer, then why did she talk about them every freaking day....and then decide to become BFF's with their siblings?  That doesn't make sense.

One of Stephanie Pratt's finer moments...

Everyone hooks up with dates each other, constantly....

Brody & Lauren
Brody & Kristin
Brody & Audrina

Stephen & Lauren
Stephen & Kristin

Justin & Audrina
Justin & Kristin

Doug & Lauren
Doug & Stephanie

Lauren just disappears.  Poof, gone.

Season 6 rolls around and Lauren is just gone.  Although I am fairly certain she still lived in LA and these people were supposed to still be her 'friends'.  Insert Kristin Cavallari as the new lead and proceed as usual.  Except, what?  That makes no sense.

The finale...

And queue the 'Oh shit...' moment.

Did you guys love The Hills as much as I did?  It was on every Monday night after I got out of my sorority chapter meeting and we would all rush back to our house to make sure we didn't miss it!  Oh the good old days...
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  1. Honestly, I didn't watch that much, but I totally fell for it too. When I saw the finale I had a palm to the forehead moment. I really wonder how many reality TV shows I'm addicted to are scripted. Some of them just seem too witty and planned out to be real scenarios. Ugh.

  2. Haha, yes! I watched in the early days and was on team Kristin, which I'm embarrassed to admit now. Love Lauren though, glad to see she's gone on to actually make a real career.

  3. I loved that show and won't believe that it is not real. :)

  4. I am totally with you and still refuse to admit that the show was not fake. My husband rolls his eyes every time he sees me or hears me talk about anyone from this series. I refuse to believe that people don't live like Lauren!

  5. We would watch it after chapter too! We'd rush to finish up meeting only to all run upstairs, crowd up in the "date room" and giggle and gasp over the drama on The Hills. How I miss it!

  6. I was seriously IN LOVE with that show, even though I knew it was completely fake. All reality television has either parts that are produced (read: scripted) or just completely fake all around. Point #1 - My hubby loved the show Undercover Boss, until he found out that it was completely scripted. He wouldn't believe me when I told him! Now we don't have to watch it! Yay! Loved this post! Brought back so many memories.....I just might have to dig out the DVDs