Can you be a Country & a City girl?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I have always thought of myself as a true city girl.  I moved into the city after college and until I met Ross, was convinced that I wouldn't live anywhere else.  Well, as we all know, that isn't exactly what happened...but the entire time I was living the suburban life, I was yearning to get back into the city.

I also have a huge country heart - I have listened to country music since I was young, still blast it in my car and at home 24/7 and love a good bonfire at the lake.  But can you be both things all at the same time?

I think that you can - living in the city and listening to country music on a roof deck with a cold beer and friends is the ultimate day for me.  I love being outside in the sun just living and hanging out.

Last year in South Carolina, we only had one chance to get out on the lake.  Being so far away from the ocean was so hard and since we never were able to get to the lake, it really made us hate being down there.  For me, water is a non-negotiable for the places that I live.  When we were in Utah, we were in the mountains and although I absolutely loved it there and the mountains were gorgeous, I still couldn't get enough of going home to California to see the ocean.  

One of the things that makes me love the city so much is the ability to see so many concerts literally anytime I want to.  In Utah and South Carolina, the big name acts only came to cities that we had to drive a decent way to get to.  We had to head to Charlotte or Atlanta when we lived in SC, both of which were a substantial distance away.  Now we can take a 5 minute cab ride and see basically any band we want to.

The country girl definitely comes out in me with my college friends - since every one of them is just as obsessed with country music as I am.  The amazing thing about the city is that there are multiple bars that have country music nights, so anytime I need my live country fix I can grab some friends and head over!

But there anything better than my view?  Now for it to just warm up and stop snowing so I can sit on the roof deck and relax!

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  1. I truly believe I'm both a country girl and a city girl. Nothing wrong with being both.. just means we have the best of both worlds! :) Have a great weekend!