So Proud of ME Today!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy Hump Day everyone!  I finally am here after a completely insane end to last week and start to this one.  I have a lot of changes taking place with my career and job, which I will fill you all in on at a later date, and that really kept me busy over the weekend and early part of this week.  But I love change, so I am an excited girl right now!

Another fantastic thing that happened to me today is I finally paid off my credit card!!!!!!!  I am ecstatic about it...and although I still have a ton of other bills, at least that one bill is gone, gone, gone and I can take that money I have been paying and dump it into another one of my bills to help pay that off even faster.  Feels good to be doing adult things, like slowly getting rid of my debt.

This week I have a lot going on with my job and personal life...and then Saturday is the Irish Pub Challenge Bar Crawl!  A team of my friends and I are doing it...starting the bar crawl at 10am and hoping to make it to the evening hours...but no one can really be sure of that just yet.  Just wait until I post pictures of my outfit :)

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  1. Congrats girl! Love sending cards off to CC heaven! I am hoping to kill one of mine off very soon as well!

  2. Congratulations!! Believe me, I know how exciting that feeling it! Way to go! Also, I'm incredibly jealous of your Irish Pub crawl. St. Patty's Day has always been my favorite holiday!