Five on Friday!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy Friday!
Sorry for my lack of posts this week - it was yet another crazy one!!  
- one -
I FINALLY got the Sally Hansen At-Home Gel manicure thingy to work on my nails.  The other times I tried it my nails came out completely busted...but this time I was patient and actually very careful and they came out great!  I am pretty happy with the result :)
- two -
The storm this week made my venue look so pretty!  It was so serene and picturesque!
- three -
Another great thing about the storm is that it allowed me to stay home from work on Wednesday and cook some delicious food in my crockpot!  I made this sausage chili thing (basically I threw a ton of random shit in the crockpot and waited to see what it tasted like), it was so yummy and great for a snowy night!
This is before I cooked it!
- four -
I stopped by Babson one morning this week, since it is right down the street from my job.  It is nice to drive by and see my alma mater and reminisce sometimes.
- five -
Friday means that it is the weekend finally!  I have tickets to the Boston Globe Travel Show and Sunday Ross and I are heading there bright and early to investigate where our next vacation is going to be!  Hopefully we find a good deal!
Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!
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