More Winter?!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

When we decided to move from Utah to South Carolina, I thought that my future was going to be full of sunshine and warm winters.  I did not want to live in the snow anymore and had been set on this idea basically from the moment I stepped foot in Utah.  However, South Carolina wasn't the epitome of amazing weather either.  For the year that we lived there it rained almost every day in the summer and the winter was still cold and dreary.  I made a few trips back home to Boston over the years and glamorized the winter, thinking that the holidays and the winter months just aren't the same without the snow.

So here we are, back in the dead of winter....and it has been one of the most temperamental winters I have ever experienced.  We have had temperatures as low as -10 and as high as 55 over the course of the past two months and the snowstorms just keep coming.  I am home on yet another snow day today, which I clearly am not complaining about, but I sure would love 80 degrees right now over the freezing temps I am living in!

I am SO ready for a vacation.  Tax money is on the horizon and I think that the best way to spend that money is clearly not to pay bills with it or put it in savings, but to book a trip.  Ross and I have never been out of the country...not alone, not together (sorry...Canada doesn't really count) we should probably start year four of our relationship and year one of our marriage by taking a vacation!

The question of the day is...where the hell do we go?!  As total travel virgins, we both have no idea what the best spot to travel to is.  I want to take an all inclusive, tropical vacation...but do not want to take a cruise.  I want a resort where we can let loose and really party, especially at night, so there needs to be a rowdy nightlife...not just a place for old couples to relax and get massages.  I also need there to be absolutely zero children running around and splashing me in the pool.  Oh...and I really want to see BLUE the ocean you see in all of those insane tropical pictures.

So where can I find these things?  Mexico?  Dominican?  Bahamas?  Ladies...I need your help!

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