We Need Longer Weekends

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy Tuesday!  Again this week I am recapping my weekend on Tuesday because, you know, Monday's are a total pain in the ass.  I also start my Monday mornings with a staff meeting at work which ends up lasting about two freaking hours, so I never find time to blog on Mondays.
This weekend was a busy one, but I had a ton of fun!
Friday I left work early and headed home to have a date night with Ross!
We checked out a Japanese place near our apartment that we had never tried before and were pleasantly surprised at how good it was!  We had sushi and scorpion bowls and the prices were so reasonable.  Ross and I have a sushi obsession, so we were both really excited to find a place that we can walk to and that doesn't break the bank, which sushi can often do.
Saturday I had to go into work in the morning for a few meetings, but then rushed home to meet Ross for a quick trip to the Boston Globe Travel Show and some beers.  We didn't find any vacations to book, unfortunately, but we did see bagpipers at the bar which made my Saturday!  We went to a bar we had never been to before, The Whiskey Priest, in the Seaport area of South Boston and had a great afternoon/evening.  Then we went home and had some friends over and then went to a bar near our house for a few drinks.  It was a VERY busy day, but we had a great time!
Sunday Ross and I went shopping at Downtown Crossing and the Pru...he needed some new work clothes and I have been drooling over this stunning pink lipstick ever since I saw it on Kate last week.  We had lunch, beers, did some shopping and had a great day overall.  After that we went home to do laundry, relax and watch the Olympics.
And that is how I ended my Monday as well...with skiing and some nice cold beers.  It was great to lay on the couch and relax last night with clean laundry in my draws and a clean house!
I have a busy week ahead and a snowstorm potentially hitting us on Thursday, so I just want to get through and make it to Friday!  My parents are coming into the city this weekend to spend a day with us and we might grab some last minute concert tickets as a fun Valentine's date.  We both have next Monday off for the holiday too and have brunch plans with my best friend Lauren and some other college friends - which I absolutely cannot wait for!  I haven't seen Lauren since our trip to NYC in October!
Have a great Tuesday!
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