I Have a Dog Problem

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I want to confess something today...I am obsessed with my dogs.  So much so that they both sleep right between Ross and I every night and we are always talking to them like they are real people.  Judge me if you want, but I am sure that all of you other dog owners do the same things!!
Recently I have started wanting another doggy though!  We rescued Penny last April and ever since I have wanted to get another rescue since I love knowing that we saved her from probably a horrible fate.  We have a teeny tiny apartment, but I can't wait for the day when we move into a bigger space with more yard area and can get doggy number 3!
Penny and Seamus absolutely love beer - so much so that if you aren't paying attention they will come right over and drink it from the bottle.  Penny was trying to steal my beer last night, as shown above :)
She also loves to SnapChat...
And one of their most favorite things to do is cuddle together on their doggy chair.  We got this chair when we moved to South Carolina and Seamus quickly claimed it as his own.  Since then it has been strictly for the dogs, we even tell new people visitors that they can't sit there because besides it being covered in fur, Seamus would be sad and have nowhere to sit.
My sweet baby!  We have a window that is right next to our couch and if she isn't outside playing she likes to perch there and watch all of the birds outside and dream about catching them.  Lately she has been forced to watch all of the snow fall from there as well when it is too cold for her to play outside. 
Seamus looking serious...as always.  He loves having Penny though and I know he would be so happy to have a second sibling.  We have play dates with a close friend of ours' puppy and Seamus can't get enough of playing!  But he never wants to be too far away from his sister... :) 
Proper little Penny always cuddles with Ross on the couch at night.  The second we grab blankets to snuggle on the couch, her and Seamus are right on top of us ready to snooze!
Maybe one day when we move to Hawaii or Florida or California and can have sunshine and great weather all year, we will get another fur baby!  Until then I just have to love on my two all the time!
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  1. I am itching to get another rescue when we move as well. Problem is it's hard enough finding someone to watch our one dog!