Is it really February already?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I know I am back to blogging...but so far I have made a pretty poor show of it.  I have to set aside some time each day to really focus on my blogging, because once the work day gets moving, I never have a second to breathe or a minute to even think about this little slice of the internet.  

This weekend was no different, I was seriously on the go almost the entire time.  Last week I was feeling pretty under the weather, so fortunately I was without plans Friday night and was able to lay my ass on the couch, drink tea and watch Shark Tank.  It was exactly what my exhausted body needed...because once Saturday hit, my feet hit the ground running.  We spent the daytime out with the dogs taking a very long, much needed walk.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and it was the perfect chance to go to the beach down the street and let the dogs run around.  We were out for hours!

On the way home, we picked up beer and headed back to the house to get ready for the evening.  We live right in the heart of South Boston, so we can walk to restaurants and bars in our neighborhood or can easily jump on the train to head to other areas of the city.  Ross and I grabbed dinner at a bar and then headed to the tourist trap Fanueil Hall with our friends to go out for the night!

Cait, Lissi and I!

Ross and I at the bar :)

Sunday I woke up without a hangover (thankfully) and then Ross and I drove down to my parents house to pick up a new dresser for our bedroom!  When we moved in, my parents offered us a bureau and dresser and at the time we only thought we would need the bureau.  Obviously, we were wrong, and I have continued to shop since we we had to give in and add the dresser to our already impossibly small room.  We had lunch with my parents and played with their adorable new puppy, Teddy!

George in the back, Finn in the middle and Teddy in the front!

Sunday night was spent setting up our new dresser, kind of watching the Superbowl and relaxing.  Monday was a total blur since I was completely swamped at work, and now here we are at Tuesday...February 4th.  The month of January just flew by...I have no idea where it went!  February is going to be another extremely busy time, but no complaints here!

I hope everyone else had a fun weekend too!

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