When Does Roofdeck Season Start?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy Tuesday - I hope that everyone was able to have a 3-Day weekend like I did.  I also was sent home from work at 1 today and after my snowy two hour commute am now curled up with my furbabies!  I seriously need it to be roof deck season..NOW.

Last week we had a snowstorm Thursday, Saturday and now today.  My parents got another 15 inches in the storm on Saturday - woof.

Friday night Ross and I went out for Valentine's Day to a local restaurant/bar and had the most delish dinner, drinks and dessert.  It was a blast and they had some great live reggae music....we definitely have to start going there more often.

My amazing steak and heart-shaped lobster ravioli!

Our amazing white chocolate dessert...half way through it!

Sporting my new lipstick - but I have no idea what happened to my tooth in this picture!!

Saturday we decided to brave the snowstorm and spent the day at our favorite local bar drinking, eating and chatting all afternoon.  Six pitchers later we headed home, made dinner with one of our friends and then headed to another friends apartment for the evening!  It was a very fun day/night...with no pictures to show for it!

I got a new Influenster box this weekend - review coming soon!

Sunday was cold and snowy so the day was spent inside on the couch with the doggies - we relaxed all day and cuddled Penny and Seam!

Yesterday we ventured out of the city bright and early to meet a group of friends for breakfast!  One of my college friends just had a baby so about 10 of us got together to catch up with her and see her precious little nugget - who was absolutely to die for!  We were all too busy swooning and forgot to take any pictures though - #bloggerfail!

Then Ross and I went grocery shopping and I got some new workout clothes!  We signed up for a 5 mile race in May and so it is time to get my ass back out and start running again - ASAP.

Last night we had friends over, who have the cutest black lab puppy that is besties with Seamus and Penny.  We all played games and drank while the dogs wrestled for hours - great way to spend a Monday evening!!

Seamus, Penny and Jax playing!  Jax makes himself right at home - and we love it!

This is what my yard looks like this afternoon!

I have some exciting news coming up either this week or next week - so stay turned for that!  I also just found out about Blogcation and freaked out!!  Is anyone else thinking of going?!  I want to go so badly!!

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  1. How cute is that lobster ravioli?! After being snowed in last week, I am dying for summer and a TAN! The weather gods delivered with a weekend in the 70s coming up - I'll certainly take what I can get!