The Weekend My Wanderlust Officially Took Over

Monday, March 24, 2014

This weekend was probably the most fun I have had in one whole weekend since moving to Boston.  It was a complete and total blast...every single second of the entire weekend.  My friend Christine from college visited from London and brought her boyfriend who is from Ireland along, it was just the best.  Thursday night we went out for drinks with them and two other friends...and ended up staying out way later than I expected!  We laughed until our cheeks hurt and just had the best time.

Friday was a rough day at work due to my hangover, but Friday night was definitely the most fun night ever.  A group of about 10 of us went out to a bar in Boston that has karaoke and spent the entire night singing, dancing and laughing - it was too much fun.  I loved every second of being with my friends this weekend and honestly just had the happiest heart.  

Pregaming at Melissa's before - with a rowdy game of Chandeliers :) 

Getting crazy in the girls cab right :)

Saturday we had one last boozey lunch with Christine before she headed back to London :(  I hated saying bye to her but am so excited to head to London this fall to visit!!  Listening to her stories about moving to a new country and living abroad made me so convinced that I am destined to move abroad someday.  I have known for a while that I eventually need to live overseas, but hearing Christine talk about how amazing the change has been and all of the cool things that she is experiencing just made my desire that much stronger.  I am so excited to go see London and Ireland and really get an idea of what else is out there.

I stopped into a cute little local shop after lunch and got this adorable new sign - which I ended up moving to the cutest spot in my apartment! 

Then yesterday Ross and I had a few errands to do, so we headed off to Target.  It turned into a complete Target overhaul...we ended up buying a ton of new things for our apartment and deciding to do a huge spring clean and move tons of things around.  We completely reorganized, got rid of a lot of stuff, packed up our winter things and made the apartment look amazing.  I am SO pleased with the results!!  

Sadly, Penny and Seamus had to say goodbye to their beloved dog-chair.  It did not make the cut.

And I got the Target bar cart - on clearance!!  I have it completely decorated now, it looks sad in this picture!

Tomorrow, I am posting an apartment tour - so make sure to come back and see my cute little living space!

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  1. ahh! I looooove that bar cart.
    I always have to stay away from Target because I spent SO SO much money.
    It's a obsession! :)