Five on Friday

Friday, March 7, 2014

Ya'll...we made it.  Finally it is Friday.  For me that doesn't mean the work has stopped though - I have way too much to get done this weekend for my job.  But at least I can do it from the comfort of my home!  

Here are the big highlights from my first full week of March!

- one -

One of my besties moved RIGHT down the street from me!  I am so excited because we can play literally all the time now and she also has a spectacular roof deck for us to lay on all summer!

- two -

I am getting back in green smoothie mode!  I had one almost every day this week and am loving being off of caffeine and back to the good stuff.

- three -

Our HUGE bar crawl is tomorrow and it is finally going to be warm out!!  I cannot wait for 46 and partly sunny...I have been waiting so long!

- four -

How funny are these two?  They are such beggars...but I cannot resist their adorable little faces!!  Also, please disregard my full Babson sweatsuit.

- five -

Week one of my new job venture is over and man was it overwhelming.  The thing is, I am very excited about this new opportunity...very nervous and scared, but I know that if I work really hard and dedicate myself to it then this could be a huge move for me.  I feel like good things are definitely starting to happen....I just have to grab on and make sure they do!  I will post a total update next week to let everyone know about this exciting new adventure in my life.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Hard work does pay off! :) Love the doggies... how can you say no?!

  2. Hi from the linkup!!! Just stared following along...YAY! You had me at the pup begging paw. ;) We experienced the same thing tonight. So bad but too cute to care. Love it! Ha!!!

    Happy weekend, beautiful! Cheers! Looking forward to reading along!!! xx