Monday, I hate you.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Is it 5pm yet?  I had an aggressive weekend...and I am really paying for it today.  Saturday we did an Irish Bar Crawl...and I am sure you can figure out what that involved.  It was just crazy.  Then last night we went to Country Sunday at a bar near my apartment...just going to say it was an amazing night and not a very nice Monday morning.  I am counting the minutes until I can head home to my sweatpants, couch and the puppies.

Jess, me and Melissa starting the day on Saturday!

Ross and I on Saturday - like his wig??

Casual run in with Tigger at the bar!

Bar number 4...I think?

Pictures starting to get blurry!

More bar pics!

Ross and Caroline last night at Country Sunday - featuring a real creeper in the background!

Happy Monday...let's get through to 5pm please!
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  1. Your pictures are making me SO jealous right now!! What a fun weekend! I'm also nursing a hangover headache from hell. Mondays should be cancelled, just saying.

  2. This looks like so much fun! Minus that icky hangover!