High Five for Friday!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Every week I always feel such a sign of relief when I write Friday's post.  I love when the week finally comes to an end and I can focus on the next 48 hours of time spent with my family and friends.

:: one ::

One of my close college friends Christine moved to London in the fall and she and her boyfriend are in town this weekend visiting!  Last night we went out for drinks and ended up staying out till past 1am just hanging out, chatting and having a completely blast.  My cheeks actually hurt when we left because of how hard we were all laughing.  We have plans with them again tonight and I am just so excited!  Minus the total exhaustion that I am dealing with today.

:: two ::


I have an embarrassing confession, I absolutely love the show Myrtle Manor.  It is a sick obsession and I cannot get enough of it.  Well I missed the finale last night (I will be watching immediately after I get home from work)...but they announced that two of my favorite characters are expecting!  They better do a season 3 because I want a little Myrtle Manor baby!

:: three ::

I am so glad that it is finally spring!  I am sporting some bright Lilly today hoping that my bright colors will channel warm weather outside.  We had a mild day yesterday and tomorrow it is supposed to be 53 - that is basically tanning weather compared to what we have been dealing with this winter!

:: four ::


So speaking of London...my friend Melissa and I have officially decided we are going there this Fall!!!!  We have both been dying to go on a vacation and since Christine now lives there and her boyfriend lives in Dublin, we are going to hop over the pond and take a vacation.  Neither of us have been to England or Ireland, so we are very excited and can't wait to start planning.  Any suggestions of places to visit would be greatly appreciated!

:: five ::


10 days till Baseball season and exactly TWO WEEKS until Opening Day at Fenway!  I have Red Sox passion running through my veins so I cannot wait for the season to officially start.  Love that Dirty Water!

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  1. Oh a trip to Europe how amazing! I went to Italy, France & Spain back in 2006 and it was one of the best decisions I ever made to travel with my best friends!

  2. London in the Fall will be amazing - we're trying to plan a trip for summer to London and Paris so please let me know how your planning goes!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Oh my goodness, it will be amazing but if you're coming here in autumn make sure you bring some warm and waterproof clothes! It goes one of two ways here, it's either like an Indian summer or cold and wet! There's a whole bunch of things to do, let me know your interests and I could help out. Oh and if you come to Cardiff let me know and I can show you around! happy planning :)