Celebrating a Birthday is Exhausting!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This weekend was Ross's birthday and we had a four day weekend - so boy did we celebrate!!  Friday we were up early running a few errands and then ventured to the Harpoon Brewery for some delicious beer and a brewery tour!

It was very interesting and the beer was fantastic - we had such a fun time! 

Awkward goggle pic before our tour :)

Then we headed home to have some dinner - sushi of course - and then out for the night with some of our best friends!  We went to a local bar and danced, drank and laughed the night away.

Melissa and I at Shenanigans

Ross and I at the bar :)

Saturday morning we woke up early and I handed Ross his birthday card...with surprise Red Sox tickets!  Then my parents came to surprise him too and to take us to Birthday breakfast!  We had so much fun and Ross was so excited to see them :)  We hurried home, threw our best Sox gear on and headed to Fenway!

It was absolutely gorgeous weather - we even came home with sunburns! - and we spent the day with two of our friends who happened to have seats right behind us!  It was a great game, the Sox ended up winning and then we spent the afternoon hanging out around Fenway with our friends.  We hurried back to Southie and went out to the bar to dance like crazy for the night - it was seriously such a fun day.

I don't have any pictures from Ross's actual birthday (Easter Sunday) because we were hungover and lazy until about 3pm that day.  We had friends over at night for card games and cocktails and went out for a few drinks to end the night and then rest up for Marathon Monday.

Monday morning we woke up bright and early, headed to a friends roof deck and tanned and drank beers all morning.  We were tracking our friends running the marathon so when it was close to their finish time we walked our butts all the way to Boylston to cheer them on.  It was an amazing day, so emotional and energetic and exciting.  Made me want to run it next year, just for a second... :)

So now, it is Wednesday, and I am still recovering - both physically and fiscally :)

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  1. What a perfect weekend and the weather totally cooperated!! I know what you mean about wanting to run it and then common sense takes over and you're like NOPE not going to happen!!