Skipping Monday

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Is this becoming a pattern with me...skipping Monday blogging?  With everything going on lately, I am barely catching my breath on Mondays let alone getting a chance to blog.  And I don't do well at planning posts in advance...hopefully someday I will but that may be wishful thinking.

Friday night Ross and I relaxed at home and watched Johnny Depp film his new movie on our street!  He is currently shooting Black Mass all around Boston and has been in our neighborhood shooting for about a month.  It was so cool to see him and watch the process of filming a scene!  Back in 2010 I got to see the movie The Town being filmed and would go watch them at Fenway every day at lunch.  I can't wait for Black Mass to come out to see the scenes we watched!!

Johnny is the guy looking right at the camera with the glasses and black jacket.

I also finally ordered some new wedges for my Mexico trip!  Sole Society was having an insane 60% off sale on Friday so I scored these for $28!

I also got a new Influenster box in the mail on Friday...the Vow VoxBox!  I am so excited about it and already started using the Olay Regenerist cream!  I will post reviews soon :)

Saturday morning we had our second race of the summer...another five miler in Quincy.  Ross and I were feeling pretty ehhhh about it...but ended up running both of our fastest five-milers yet!!!  I was so proud of us and already have signed us up for another race in July.  The only issue was that I got insane blisters from the it definitely is time for new sneakers.  I was told to go get fitted so I am heading to do just that this week!

Saturday was also a great day out so we were able to spend some really fun time that afternoon with our two fur loves!!

Saturday night we headed to the bar with some close friends and had an absolute blast!!  Dancing, drinking, nice weather and good friends is the best combination!

Sunday was Father's Day so we packed up the doggies and headed to the Cape to my parents house.  My dad and Ross spent the day doing yard work and my mom and I went shopping!!  I was able to find a big floppy hat for Mexico at Marshalls for $12 and am so in love!  It is by Steve Madden and has the cutest pink bow...I can't wait for July 17th to be here already!

The dogs absolutely love visiting my parents...they have a huge yard and they have three dogs so they spend the entire day running around and playing.  The minute we get off of the highway exit they start going nuts in the car and we can tell they are spazzing with excitement to get there.

Yesterday I finally gave my notice to my boss...and she was definitely not a happy camper.  She gave me the silent treatment today, but oh well...she will get over it eventually.  All of my other coworkers are so excited for me and extremely supportive so that just makes me feel even better about my decision to take my new job!  I have five absolutely enormous events at work this I am just ready for it to be over and for June 30th to be here!!

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  1. Johnny Depp on your street, and all the guys from The Town? I am SO jealous!
    You guys have the funnest lives ever.

  2. LOVE those shoes!!

    I'm so happy for you, beginning your new job and a new chapter in your life. No one (not even your disappointed boss) can blame you for doing what's right for you.

    So glad to have found your blog, and am looking forward to reading more!!

    -xx- Alynne (ps: check out my giveaway!)

  3. That is SO cool that Johnny Depp is filming in your neighborhood! and CONGRATS on the new gig :)